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Efort’s robots offer an innovative approach to major industrial applications. Highly adaptable designs integrate to the features most in demand in manufacturing, machining and packaging processes.

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EFORT Systems is the EFORT Group company devoted to import and distribute EFORT Robotics products in Europe.

EFORT Systems act as leading importer for European markets and with the support of the other Group subsidiaries located in Europe, as Autorobot Strefa in Poland, EFORT France in France and CMA Roboter in Germany, create a strong network to cover all European Countries, Mediterranean Regions and North Africa area (EMEA Region).

A former general industry systems integrator with over 25 years of experience in automation and robotics in the general industry sector, EFORT Systems now focuses on the promotion and distribution of EFORT products in the EMEA region.

EFORT Overseas

EFORT Systems, controlled by the operational holding company EFORT Europe and supported by the operational holding company EFORT W.F.C., is responsible for business development, with the support of other global group companies with multi-sectoral expertise Autorobot Strefa (Poland), EFORT France (France), CMA Robotics (Italy), CMA Roboter (Germany), OLCI (Italy and India) and GME (Brazil), EFORT Systems (Italy) and Evolut Service (Italy), owned by the two Italy-based operational holding companies, for the overseas robotics business units of the international group EFORT Intelligent Equipment Co.Ltd.a leader in robotics and industrial automation.

Business Units of the EFORT Group:

  • General Industry
  • Painting
  • Robotics
  • Service
  • Body in White

Overseas Robotics Business Unit

To develop overseas markets, the EFORT Group created a specific Business Unit with the main objective of promoting and distributing EFORT robots worldwide. The Business Unit is organised with importers and national sales companies covering all key regions, such as EMEA, LATAM, APAC and NAFTA.

The EFORT Robot brand has been gaining position year by year in the ranking of robot manufacturers in China, the world’s largest robotics market for many years, and the Overseas Robotics Business Unit has the main task in the coming years to promote the EFORT brand, supporting the progression of the worldwide ranking.

EFORT Systems acts as the leading importer for the European markets and, with the support of Autorobot Strefa in Poland, EFORT France in France and CMA Roboter in Germany and their sales networks, covers the distribution of EFORT robots in all EMEA countries.



Board of Directors

Luigi Iadaresta

Chairman and Managing Director EFORT Systems srl, Chairman and Managing Director Evolut Service srl.

Zeng Hui

Non-executive Director EFORT Systems ltd, Deputy General Manager EFORT Intelligent Equipment Co. Ltd, various positions on the EFORT Group Board of Directors.

Marco Zanor

Non-executive director EFORT Systems srl, various positions in the EFORT Group’s supervisory board.

Alberto Durando

Non-executive director EFORT Systems srl, various positions on the board of the EFORT Group.


Luigi Iadaresta

Managing Director – Executive with over 30 years of experience in the field of Automation and Robotics.

Gaetano Carnevale

Robot Sales Manager

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